Screenshot Title Air Date Episode
The Background and Circumstances of a Certain Family
Aru Ikka no Jijō to Sono Haikei (ある一家の事情とその背景)
October 9, 2013 1
A look at Myoe's past. Lady Koto, who was originally a black rabbit given life by Myoe's drawings, was given a body by a bodhisattva so she could express her love. They soon bonded and started a family consisting of three children; Yakushimaru, a human child, and Kurama and Yase, who were created from drawings. When the capital started to complain about them, they decided to live in the Mirror Kyoto that Myoe created, where humans and creatures could live together in peace and broken things simply regenerate. However, Lady Koto started having terrifying visions, which she believed would be brought about by keeping the bodhisattva's body, thus she and Myoe left their children behind in Mirror Kyoto. Back in the present, it is revealed that the current Myoe is actually a grown up Yakushimaru, taking his role as head monk. One day, a mysterious lightning storm appears, followed by a light falling into a shrine in the center of the city. As Yakushimaru arrives there, he meets Koto and her brothers, who had wound up in Mirror Kyoto whilst looking for her guardian.
Welcome, Little Sister
Yatte Kita no wa Imōto (やってきたのは妹)
October 16, 2013 2
Koto recalls her past training with her master and father, Inari, a shrine priest who often goes on missions. Late one night, Koto spots a black rabbit in her home and chases after it, coming across a room where she finds the paintings of the Mirror Capital and Lady Koto in her rabbit form, and Inari crying in his sleep while calling out to Lady Koto, deciding to keep it a secret. Back in the present, Yakushimaru, Yase and Kurama discuss the possible link between Koto and Lady Koto.
The First Born and his Cheerful and Nerdy Team
Chōnan to Yukai de Kagaku na Nakama (長男と愉快で科学な仲間)
October 23, 2013 3
Koto visits Shouko's lab, letting her analyse her hammer whilst she meets up with Kurama, who recalls his childhood. Meanwhile, Shouko freaks out when she loses a handheld controller for her giant robot. Her men chase after one being carried by a crow, only to find it isn't hers. She later manages to find it at a restaurant, thanks to her assistant, Yashimi, secretly putting a GPS tracker on it.
The Second Child and her Wonderful Demons
Jijo to Suteki na Yōkai-tachi (次女と素敵な妖怪達)
October 30, 2013 4
It becomes the time of the year where the station opens and people send their unwanted things to float away. Later that night, a mischievious imp throws away all of Yase's crockery, sending her into a monstrous rage. After learning about the situation the next day, Koto, A, and Un search the station for Yase's favorite cup. During this time, Koto hears from Yase's butler how she once had her favorite doll thrown away because her brothers believed it could bring Lady Koto back. After failing to find Yase's cup after a day of searching, Koto tries to obtain Kurama's cup as a replacement, but this does not please Yase. She turns into a monster out of rage, but Koto manages to stop her. Seeing some of her mother in Koto, Yase gives her thanks for everyone's efforts and accepts the cup.
The Youthful Youngest Child's Problems and the Beginning of the End
Wakaki Sannan no Nayami to Hajimari to Owari (若き三男の悩みと始まりと終わり)
November 6, 2013 5
Yakushimaru feels pent up over his past, even having an outburst at Koto. After getting some advice from Yakushimaru's girlfriend, Koto goes on a moped trip with him, explaining how A and Un are like the beginning and the end, reminding Yakushimaru of the words Myoe left him with. He then tells him that the black rabbit she is chasing is most likely his mother, offering to help her find it on the condition that once she does, she would kill him.