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The Second Child and her Wonderful Demons
Kanji 次女と素敵な妖怪達
Romaji Jijo to Suteki na Yōkai-tachi
Air Date October 30, 2013
Opening Koko
Ending Shissō Ginga
Episode Guide
The First Born and his Cheerful and Nerdy Team
The Youthful Youngest Child's Problems and the Beginning of the End


It becomes the time of the year where the station opens and people send their unwanted things to float away. Later that night, a mischievious imp throws away all of Yase's crockery, sending her into a monstrous rage. After learning about the situation the next day, Koto, A, and Un search the station for Yase's favorite cup. During this time, Koto hears from Yase's butler how she once had her favorite doll thrown away because her brothers believed it could bring Lady Koto back. After failing to find Yase's cup after a day of searching, Koto tries to obtain Kurama's cup as a replacement, but this does not please Yase. She turns into a monster out of rage, but Koto manages to stop her. Seeing some of her mother in Koto, Yase gives her thanks for everyone's efforts and accepts the cup.


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