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The First Born and his Cheerful and Nerdy Team
Kanji 長男と愉快で科学な仲間
Romaji Chōnan to Yukai de Kagaku na Nakama
Air Date October 23, 2013
Opening Koko
Ending Shissō Ginga
Episode Guide
Welcome, Little Sister
The Second Child and her Wonderful Demons

The First Born and his Cheerful and Nerdy Team (長男と愉快で科学な仲間) is the 3rd episode of Kyousogiga.


Koto visits Shouko's lab, letting her analyse her hammer whilst she meets up with Kurama, who recalls his childhood. Meanwhile, Shouko freaks out when she loses a handheld controller for her giant robot. Her men chase after one being carried by a crow, only to find it isn't hers. She later manages to find it at a restaurant, thanks to her assistant, Yashimi, secretly putting a GPS tracker on it.


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