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The Background and Circumstances of a Certain Family
Kanji ある一家の事情とその背景
Romaji Aru Ikka no Jijō to Sono Haikei
Air Date October 9, 2013
Opening Koko
Ending Shissō Ginga
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Welcome, Little Sister

The Background and Circumstances of a Certain Family (ある一家の事情とその背景)is the 1st episode of Kyousogiga.


A look at Myoe's past. Lady Koto, who was originally a black rabbit given life by Myoe's drawings, was given a body by a bodhisattva so she could express her love. They soon bonded and started a family consisting of three children; Yakushimaru, a human child, and Kurama and Yase, who were created from drawings. When the capital started to complain about them, they decided to live in the Mirror Kyoto that Myoe created, where humans and creatures could live together in peace and broken things simply regenerate. However, Lady Koto started having terrifying visions, which she believed would be brought about by keeping the bodhisattva's body, thus she and Myoe left their children behind in Mirror Kyoto. Back in the present, it is revealed that the current Myoe is actually a grown up Yakushimaru, taking his role as head monk. One day, a mysterious lightning storm appears, followed by a light falling into a shrine in the center of the city. As Yakushimaru arrives there, he meets Koto and her brothers, who had wound up in Mirror Kyoto whilst looking for her guardian.


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